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Review: PIG - Swine and Punishment

Review: PIG - Swine and Punishment

A review of a new album from PIG named "Swine and Punishment" which brings dark remixes of their already existent music.

Ok, today I will be reviewing an album from PIG named Swine and Punishment. Listening to the first song, "The Fly Upon the Pin (Android Lust Remix)," the beginning starts off nice but then it takes a dark turn. It feels like something you would listen to on a dark starry night or on Halloween. It has a chilling feeling but overall its enjoyable.


Now as I always have my music on shuffle, the next song that came on was "Found in Filth (Pullout Kings Remix)". It has a higher tempo than the first song I listened to and makes me wanna dance. Even as I am writing this I am nodding my head to the beat. It is wonderfully remixed and has a nice sound. It doesn't sound like something an amateur would have made. I also enjoy the vocals although it would be nice if the vocals weren't so drowned out by the music itself. I had to listen carefully to remotely understand it.


Third song that played on shuffle was an original, "Violence". It started as something ya would hear in a church because of the organ that was used for it, but then about 5-10 second in, bass notes started to play. It has a powerful feel to it. It makes me feel as though violence isn't the answer because it doesn't speak anywhere in the song about being violent to others. It was a calming song.


Alright, last song of the day is "Viva Evil (Mortiis Remix)". It mixes some rock in with the song along with the usual electronic music. I think when this song was remixed, they drew some inspiration from some of the earlier songs from Rob Zombie and Nine Inch Nails. I really enjoy the song and I look forward to more remixes by Mortiis.


Overall, the album is very well made and the album art is on point. If I were to rate this album on a scale of 1-10, I would rate this album an 9. I would rate it a 10 but the vocals need to be more defined and clear. It sounds as though ya would be listening through a wall. But I do look forward to future albums from PIG.



1    Viva Evil (Oumi Kapila Remix) 4:17
2    Found In Filth (Pull Out Kings Remix) 3:43
3    The Diamond Sinners (Skold Remix) 4:39
4    The Fly Upon The Pin (Android Lust Remix) 4:11
5    Viva Evil (Inertia Remix) 5:08
6    The Diamond Sinners (Indradevi Remix) 4:28
7    Viva Evil (Mortiis Remix) 5:11
8    The Fly Upon The Pin (St.Gregory Remix) 4:00
9    The Diamond Sinners (London After Midnight Remix) 4:37
10    Found In Filth (MC Lord Of The Flies Remix) 5:37
11    The Diamond Sinners (Kanga Remix) 5:20
12    Drugzilla (Dubzilla <PIG> Remix) 4:21
13    The Diamond Sinners (tweaker Remix) 5:08
14    Viva Evil (Joe Haze Remix) 5:52
15    Violence 3:37


Buy: Swine and Punishment

Author: Zed Zed Site Supporter

Tagged: Music review, PIG

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