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Review: Mr. Kitty - AI

Review: Mr. Kitty - AI

A review of Mr. Kitty's album "AI" which offers high energy and positive emotions. The album is strong and captivating yet relaxing at the same time.

Okay, as a music lover, I love listening to music from aspiring artists and more often than not, I end up supporting the artist. And being a new member at Das Klub, I feel honored to be given the chance to review music from an artist I never heard of before. 


Today I am listening to an album that has yet to be released from an artist named Mr. Kitty. As I always run all my music on shuffle, the first song I heard, "I Hope You Fall Apart," immediately grabbed me - a song that grabs me instantly is what I look for in good music. The song has deep emotional feeling to it. Like it makes ya wanna get up and dance your heart out. It feels as though ya could dance pain away. 


I'm listening to the first song "I..." on the whole album and it is strong, captivating and relaxing. It is absolutely some of the best trance I have heard in a long time. Like this would even help me sleep, if that means something. It is so calming that ya just wanna curl up with a warm cup of tea and just enjoy the music.


This album as a whole, for the most part, makes me wanna get up and start dancing. It's high energy and very upbeat. Also, this album as a whole makes me feel so many emotions but none are negative. I feel nothing but positive emotions when I listen to the music. It's soft and absolutely beautiful. For those that have not heard Mr. Kitty before, I suggest downloading this album because it is by far some of the best music I have heard so far in the underground music scene. Might even use this music for when I start street performing this spring. Ya never know. 


Rating this album on a scale of 1-5, 1 being absolute crap and 5 being awesome, I rate this album as 5. I had never heard this artist before but I am glad that I was given the honor to review the album as Mr. Kitty has gotten a new fan. And as I said, I strongly suggest giving this album a listen and support the artist in all his future works. I definitely will. 


This is Zed signing off.


Buy: Mr. Kitty - AI 
(digtial release date: March 7th, 2017; physical release date: May 7th, 2017)



1. I...
2. Undo
3. Habits (feat. PASTEL GHOST)
4. Forget
5. give/take
6. No Heart
7. Malformed
8. Crisis Point
9. Earthstones
10. Lamentation
11. Dream Diver (feat. 巡音ルカ)
12. Birds Of Prey
13. Healing Waters
14. Greater Than Us
15. I Hope You Fall Apart

Author: Zed Zed Site Supporter

Tagged: Music Review, negative gain productions

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