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Review: Noisuf-X - Banzai

Review: Noisuf-X - Banzai

Noisuf-X continues to enrich the industrial dance floors with the new album "Banzai".

I would like to start off by disclaiming that I am not familiar with the entire discography of Noisuf-X. He's never been my first hand choise of dance music when it comes to listening at home or work but in a club or live setting I'm definitely up for it, and having attended the premiere show on the 2017 Wave Gotik Treffen I can confirm that his new album Banzai certainly delivers as great material for the clubs.


It starts out a bit heavier and mysterious with "Ich bin soweit" which interestingly enough translates to "I'm ready". The pace then picks up with the second track, with the same name as the album. With the plucking synth and shouting sample it feels more light hearted and dare I say even a bit funny. The album then goes on in a similar fasion, altering between the slower and darker and the faster more upbeat. Tracks like "Banzai", "Satisfaction" and "Robots, Destroy Him!" will certainly, if not already, find their way into the clubs, and dance videos for that matter.


In terms of style this album does not seem to deviate much, if any, from his previous work. If you're already a big fan of Noisuf-X you'll most likely get what you expect. The only track that stands out to me as different is "PAN!C" which features guitar rifs, but again given my experience this might not be new. Still that one in particular I thought had a nice swing to it, with some hard-style influnce to the bass as well. The ending track "Jezebel [2017 mix]" has a similar feel of wierdness to it as "Scary Looking Thing".


In terms of theme there doesn't seem to be any of it either, which I assume is typical to Noisuf-X. All the tracks revolve around a sample or two of speech which are usually referred to in their title. While this is obviously the style of Noisuf-X it still felt quite repetitive from time to time. If not for those samples I don't know if I would be able to tell many of the songs apart instrumentally without further substantial listening. Some tracks still have their little gimmicks, like "PAN!C", "Banzai" and "Passion for war".


That aside the quality is certainly there. Noisuf-X indeed works best on a powerful speaker system and even better live, but if you're looking to expand your collection of dance music or just need something for practicing then this album will certainly do it's job.


Rating 4/5

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1. Ich bin soweit
2. Banzai [Tenno Heika]
3. Rageoholic
4. Satisfaction
5. Monster
6. Primary Target
7. Robots, Destroy Him!
8. Passion for war
9. Nutcutter
10. This Is Genocide
11. Psychological Attack
12. PAN!C
13. Jezebel [2017 mix]

Author: Lugen Lugen Site Supporter

Tagged: music review, noisuf-x

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