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To listen on iPhone or Android, download the XiiaLive app and search for "Das Klub Radio".
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Weekly Schedule:
  • Sunday: distorted circuitry/ razorgrrl
  • Monday: new podcasts
  • Tuesday: assorted songs
  • Wednesday: assorted podcasts
  • Thursday: cyberage
  • Friday: radio blast furnace
  • Saturday: dance machine 5000
Note: All times are in UTC, visit the time zone converter page if you are unsure when the schedule would start in your timezone.
More Information:

All of the code created to update Das Klub Radio was opened sourced on Github.

It costs $59.95/ month to run this server with the space required for lots of music. Donations of any size help, you can donate using PayPal or with Bitcoin to: 13LQQFM4ixEEgKRg4iSAeB75gAE9spRyFH

If you have any questions or comments, send them to: info[at]dasklub.com.

Thanks for listening!