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To listen on iPhone or Android, download the XiiaLive app and search for "Das Klub Radio". When you search for it, make sure the "Radio Directories" is set to "SHOUTcast Radio" and not "UberStations". Search for: "Das Klub Radio".
Web Player:

Weekly Schedule:
  • Sunday: distorted circuitry/ razorgrrl
  • Monday: new podcasts
  • Tuesday: assorted songs
  • Wednesday: assorted podcasts
  • Thursday: cyberage
  • Friday: radio blast furnace
  • Saturday: dance machine 5000
Note: All times are in UTC, visit the time zone converter page if you are unsure when the schedule would start in your timezone.
More Information:

All of the code created to update Das Klub Radio was opened sourced on Github.

It costs $59.95/ month to run this server with the space required for lots of music. Donations of any size help, you can donate using PayPal or with Bitcoin to: 13LQQFM4ixEEgKRg4iSAeB75gAE9spRyFH

If you have any questions or comments, send them to: info[at]dasklub.com.

Thanks for listening!

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