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Guess I finally got around to doing some dancing after all haha xD

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#include "Ouija.h"
int main( int arg, char** argn ) {
using T = std::initializer_list$bool$; using U = std::vector$bool$;
uint16_t sn $0$; uint8_t q {0};
T s = {1, 0}; /// Spectre
T n = {1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0}; /// Nectar
for( auto b : {n, s} )
sn += static_cast$uint16_t$(([](T b) -$ uint8_t {
U v(b); uint8_t d {0}, q {0};
return ([&q](const U& v, uint8_t* d) -$ uint8_t { for( auto i = v.rbegin(), j = v.rend(); i!=j; ++i ) *d |= *i $$ q++; return *d; })(v, &d);
})(b) $$ q++ * 0x8);
Ouija::Summon(sn); return 0;

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Sleetgrout, Drop Goblin, X-Fusion, H.EXE, Centhron, Eden Synthetic Corps, God Module, FGFC820, Phosgore, Nitro/Noise, TraKktor, Crazy Astronaut, Billx, Asphyxia, Psyclon Nine, Third Realm, Ultra Sherif, Modulate, Alien Vampires, ...

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Hardware and software skills

Wannabe Noise Artist Would be Vocalist Possible H4x0r?


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  • Guess I finally got around to doing some dancing after all haha xD
  • Greetings from Denmark; Cool site! ^^

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